Composer Eric Serra will participate in the Cultural Forum

Eric Serra is famous as a film-composer, who worked with the famous director Luc Besson.He created the music for “The Fifth Element”, “Leon: The Professional”, “The Messenger: Joan of Arc”, “Arthur and the Invisibles” and many other. Serra received the “Caesar” film award for his sound-track for “The Big Blue” movie. Eric Serra also wrote the music for the “GoldenEye” film from the James Bond series.



Eric Serra will take part in the “Music and Cinema: Together or Apart?” discussion of the “Music” section as part of the Professional flow of the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, which will take place on December 3 in the General Staff building of the State Hermitage museum and will be dedicated to the role of music in cinema. Participants will discuss independent existence of film-music, the process of creating sound-tracks for films and role of music in cinema.


Also such famous composers as Vladimir Dashkevich and Maxim Dunaevsky, director Alexey German, violinist, conductor, head of the “Music” section of the Forum Sergey Stadler will participate in the event. After the discussion Fabio Mastrangelo’s “Northern Symphony” symphony orchestra of the “Music-Hall” theatre will perform a unique program of sound-tracks to famous Russian and foreign movies. The performance will be accompanied by an original video-compilation of fragments of films of the past and the present.