New version of Sergey Prokofiev’s ballet will be presented at the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum

On December 2, 19.00 the “Rehearsing Prokofiev: The Tale of Buffoon who Outwits Seven Other Buffoons” ballet will be presented on the stage of the Hermitage theatre in Saint Petersburg. The play will take place as part of the Public event flow of the Cultural Forum and will become one of the final events of the Year of Prokofiev in Russia.


The play was created by a French choreographer, laureate of the “Golden Mask” award, head of the National Choreographic Centre in Havre and the National Centre of Contemporary Dance in Angers Regis Obadia, director Mikhail Vodzumi, producers Evgenia Vodzumi and Leonid Podosyonov. Andrei Ivanov will play the main part of the Buffoon. The Tauric International Symphony Orchestra (artistic director and main conductor – Mikhail Golikov) will also take part in the event.


“The Tale of Buffoon who Outwits Seven Other Buffoons” ballet based on Russian folklore was created by Prokofiev for the famous founder of “Russian Seasons” in Paris Sergey Dyaghilev. It premiered in Paris in May 1921, and over the years became extremely popular and successful.


The play, which will be presented to residents of Saint Petersburg and guests of the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum on December 2, is of the true “theatre in theatre” aesthetic nature: viewers will witness the rehearsal process, which precedes the actual premiere.


“The audience will see the backstage of theatre life, - Mikhail Vodzumi explains the idea of the play. – Choreograph Regis Obadia, soloist of the Mariinsky theatre Andrei Ivanov as the Buffoon, ballet troupe and symphony orchestra will take part in this “rehearsal”. Our main objective is to attempt to show the spirit of art, to present the process itself – fragmentary at first, but united in the final result at the end”.