Cultural Forum is open for discussions about contemporary art

This year, when contemporary art is an especially burning issue, the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum will become the venue, where the audience, experts and artists will have a chance discuss numerous issues, weigh all the arguments and evaluate decisions, presented by contemporary culture.

Photo: Lieven Herreman. © Angelos bvba Jan Fabre


The head of the “Museums and Exhibition Projects” section, general director of the State Hermitage Museum Mikhail Piotrovsky highlighted that the Forum will open in the General Staff building, where the “Jan Fabre: Knight of Despair – Warrior of Beauty” exhibition will be located as part of the “Under the Auspices of the Forum” festival program. The controversial exposition supports the fact that the phenomenon of contemporary art will become the core of many discussions.


“Some works (of contemporary art) aren’t really life-asserting, but we have to understand, that this is an objective reflection of our time. We can’t exclude this part of the cultural process. This year the Forum supports contemporary art even more”, - said the head of the Committee on Culture of Saint Petersburg Konstantin Sukhenko.


Head of the “Fine Arts” section of the Forum Semyon Mikhailovsky claimed that it is absolutely necessary to promote education in the sphere of contemporary art. “There are people, who don’t understand contemporary art, but we can explain it to them. Some people are critical and remain in the opposition. And others use contemporary art for their own often provocative goals”, - said Mikhailovksy.


Experts, artists and cultural figures will gather at round tables and conferences of the Forum. One of the most interesting events is the “National and global in contemporary art” intellectual marathon. Participants will discuss issues of issues of interaction between national art schools and the global cultural process, including the role of Russia in new art trends. The organizer of the marathon, curator of Jan Fabre’s exhibition in the State Hermitage Museum Dmitry Ozerkov also point out the importance of art in cultural development.


“When we thought of this project with Jan Fabre, we realized, that is ideally suits our situation in Russia, when contemporary art causes suspicion and is believed to have a negative and even dangerous message. This is certainly absolutely wrong, because with no contemporary art we’ll have nothing at all. We’ll be stuck in classics and stay where we are”, - said Ozerkov.


Also participants will discuss the role of modern technologies in art and museum industry, the problem of copyright, issues of virtualization and many other issues.