Vyacheslav Polunin: «Circus is the art of human’s unlimited capabilities»

Juggling will be the main topic of the «Circus and street theater» section at the V Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum. On 29th of November at an informal meeting with journalists the head of the section Vyacheslav Polunin told about how world’s best jugglers would be met in St. Petersburg.



The previous day Vyacheslav Polunin, deputy art director of the «International Center of Drama and Culture of Slava Polunin» Natalya Tabachnikova, and the director of the «Upsala Circus» Larisa Afanasyeva and head of the project by Upsala Circus «School of circus pedagogics» Vera Zhukova met with journalists in a Petersburg café «Bouche».


That was an unusual meeting for journalists, since circus for Vyacheslav Polunin is not just an entertainment or profession, it is at least a model of the universe. This year the head of the section traditionally decided to devote the program to a specific kind of theatrical art: last year it was clownery, this year it is juggling.



«In ancient times, — Polunin started his story, — two words were used to call all fantastic people: troubadours and jugglers. Juggler is a person who can do anything, they’ve got planets in their hands, not balls. They can comprise everything, all the universe – and can treat it as their friend».


Polunin shared his vivid impressions from his first meeting with art. All life can be like juggling, no matter what is in maestro’s hands: flower bunches, balls, cigars, walking sticks, monocles or even bricks. Besides, juggling can be practically used – for rehabilitation of patients. Polunin’s master class to be held on 1st of December in the Upsala Circus will be devoted to the topic «Juggling as a medicine».


«Circus is the art of perfection and human’s unlimited capabilities», — says the head of the section. This year the best have been invited to the Forum – worldwide famous juggler and mime Jérôme Thomas called «the magician from France», top ranked juggler and teacher of best world’s circus schools from Britain Sean Gandini as well as well-known Russian artists Sergey Ignatov and Evgeniy Belyauer. Besides, organizers prepared for publication a unique book «Jugglers. History of persons», first examples of which participants of «Circus and street theater» will be able to get as early as on 1st to 3rd of December.



Apart from juggling, this year participants of the section will discuss circus industry and the present of Russian circus, i.e. working conditions of circus artists, administrative and organizational innovations, investments under the conditions of the crisis and the role of management. This part of the program will be directed by the General Director of the «Russian State Circus» company Dmitry Ivanov.


Also the speakers shared their plans for the year to come, noting that they wanted to cooperate with the section «Creative environment and urban studies». City environment is natural for artists and opens them broad possibilities, and next year the section is going to be devoted to street theater.