Important news for participant of the Public Events Flow!

In a short time participants of the Public Events Flow will have an opportunity to get tickets to two events. One of them is the performance «Rehearsing Prokofiev: The Tale of the Buffoon who Outwits Seven Other Buffoons» which is going to take place on 2nd of December at 19.00 on the stage of Hermitage Theater, the other is a concert by artists from the Republic of South Africa. Among musicians of the latter is choir group «Mzansi Youth Choir» that wrote the anthem of the 2010 World Football Championships together with pop-diva Shakira. The concert will take place on 1st of December at the «Coliseum Arena».



The event «MARS – territory of experiment. Workshop» that had to take place on 2nd of December in the Mars Center and event «Piano concert «Homeless exprovisations» by a European musician Sasha Pushkin» that had to take place on 1st of December in the Cultural and Educational Hall «Oxta Lab» are cancelled due to technical difficulties. 



Also we changed the show time of the play «Kreutzer Sonata» by the Globus Novosibirsk Academic Theater. It moved from 17.00 (as it was specified on the website) to 19.00. Please note that you do not need to download the tickets again. 




Directorate of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum apologizes for any inconvenience caused. In your Personal Web Office you may choose other events to visit during the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.



Information on cancellations and changes in starting time of the events has been sent to e-mails of the participants who have chosen to visit these events.