Yuriy Bobrov: “Restoration of monuments is “awfully necessary”

The “Cultural Heritage Preservation. Research and Restoration” science and research conference will take place on December 1 at the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. Experts in the sphere of museology, arts and cultural objects’ preservation participated in the event in the General Staff building of the State Hermitage museum.


Researcher, restoration artist Yuriy Bobrov delivered a speech on illusions and realities of contemporary restoration:



“Many think that the objectives and the sense of restoration are in improving the appearance of monuments. This thought leads to severe consequences, because we should preserve them rather than improve. And the belief that we can restore anything to the original state is just an illusion. And the awful necessity is that it would be even better to quit restoration works, but without that monuments will just decay”, - said Bobrov.


He also recommended to remember that any object, which we treat with neglect, will someday become a work of art and will require special care.


Besides general issues of methodology and practical restoration of monuments, participants discussed the issue of improving the appearance of the Oranienbaum park ensemble. This was the main topic of the report of general director of “Peterhof” state museum-reserve Elena Kalnitskaya.


“The biggest problem today is creating museum exposition. There’s a palace, but how do we turn it into a museum? So we chose interiors and decorations for the museums of Oranienbaum. And we create such novelties, as multimedia expositions on the history of Ingria right in the museum”, - said Kalnitskaya.