Ralph Fiennes: mission of the cinema is to help people fulfil themselves

Ralph Fiennes, a British actor and director, and Fyodor Bondarchouk, the chairman of CINEMA section at the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum opened “Russian Cinema as Viewed by the Foreigners” conference at LENFILM film studio.



The actor spoke on his first experience with the Russian culture. Back at the age of 10 he saw a “War and Peace” movie by Sergey Bondarchouk, and after that organized a small film show for his friends. Thus, it was his first small festival of Russian cinema.


Fiennes noted that he would like to be sharing with Russia the sense of humour, since it allows extending a friendly hand and eventually brings countries together. He mentioned a Russian film “Gorko!” (Now a Kiss!) which impressed him by its being so light and open. The power of Russian cinema made Fiennes to expand his boarders and revise some of his views. The actor confessed he was glad to visit a forum attended by the audience that truly loves cinema.



“We live in difficult time, and not only politically. We live in the age of digital technologies that disrupt the possibility to look inside ourselves”, said Fiennes. In his opinion, the cinema helps people to find and fulfill themselves, and we must not lose faith in the power of cinema.


The actor also spoke on his coming film about Roudolph Noureyev, the great dancer, however, preferred not to disclose details as the work is not over yet. “The film will show Noureyev’s student time in St.Petersburg, his childhood in Oufa and a week in Paris”, he commented.