Ludmila Verbitskaya: many teachers haven’t read the “War and Peace”

The head of the “Literature and Reading” section of the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum Ludmila Verbitskaya talked about the necessity of popularizing literature among students and adults.



“We have to do everything we can to publish as many books as possible to decrease prices, to select the better part of our literature, to eliminate those awful cheap novels”, - said Ludmila Verbitskaya, commenting on the necessity of legal regulation of the book market.


Then she talked about school education, particularly about the rumors that Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” will be replaced by the Bible.


“Everyone points to me, but this is absolutely not true. I just sad that studying “War and Peace” at school is a complicated task. Do you know that 70% of teachers actually never read the book?”, - asked Verbitskaya.


Ludmila Verbitskaya said that the level of preparation of contemporary teachers if “tragic”, often teachers themselves cannot cope with tasks that seem a bit too easy for children. She proclaimed the necessity of adopting a law, in accordance with which graduates of pedagogical universities would have to work for at least three years to increase the overall level of teachers’ qualification.


The philologist is much more optimistic when it comes to children. She expressed regret about the recently adopted novelty, which abolished compositions in school exams. She said that children learn to write all over again, and in 2019 her colleagues hope for the verbal part in the State Exam on literature. Such approach will be partly adopted in the 9th grade starting this year.