Allan Tannenbaum: Exhibition in Sainte Petersburg is the celebration of love between Yoko Ono and John Lennon

American photo-journalist Allan Tannenbaum told about his “John and Yoko: A New York Love Story” exhibition in KGallery, which starts today as part of the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.



“I’m glad that we’re opening this exhibition. December 8 is John Lennon’s date of death. Buth the pictures are a tribute to his life and to the love Yoko and John shared”, - said Allan Tannenbaum.


On December 1 at the Cultural Forum the photographer told about the photo-shoot of the couple: “We had a session in a studio, spontaneous photos, once I was just on a walk with them. I also shot a series of more intimate photos, then I was more like a fly on the wall, I just watched and didn’t interfere”.


At the press-conference he disproved the idea that Lennon and Ono hated taking pictures, but wanted to control the process.


“Frankly, I wouldn’t say that they didn’t like taking pictures. They liked to control everything. After the birth of their son in 1975 they closed up, but the desire to take photos resurfaced after the “Double Fantasy” album came out. They gave a series of interviews for leading publishers of New York and let me take a few pictures of them. At first I talked to Ono, and she agreed to make a photo for the album in a studio, and then I invited Lennon to join us”, - said Tannenbaum.


According to the photographer, he keeps in touch with Yoko. “It was easy to be friends with John, and Yoko as well, but everyone knows, that Yoko quite a character”, - said Allan Tannenbaum.


Researcher Irina Kogan explained that the uniqueness of the exhibition is in the fact that this series has never been shown in Russia and Europe. “Pictures from the Central Park in New York presented at the exhibition are full of drama, because Lennon was killed in the vicinity of that place two weeks later”, - she said.