Russian-speaking theaters of the CIS and Baltic states want to unite

Participants of the conference «Commonwealth of cultures – commonwealth of nations» that took place on 1st of December at the V Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum in the General Staff Building of the Hermitage discussed the prospects of development of cultural ties and national cultures in the CIS region, how culture can strengthen the Commonwealth and what Russian theater abroad is.



«The reason we gathered today is festive, because the Forum is also devoted to the CIS’ anniversary. We have always been strengthened by cultural cooperation, to begin with the sphere of theatre. And now we have a project, a concrete goal – creation of the Association of Russian-speaking theaters of the CIS and foreign states», — started his speech Sergey Shub, art director of the «Baltic House» theatre-festival. This theater has been on friendly terms with artists of the CIS for many years, which is strongly exemplified in the International festival of Russian-speaking theatres of the CIS and Baltic states.


The idea of the Association of Russian-speaking theaters of the CIS and foreign states lies in facilitating the development of such theatres, promoting Russian culture abroad, giving a possibility to organize educational programs and lectures with the participation of Russian specialists.


«Union of Theatre Workers of the Russian Federation will be actively involved into the work of the Association as soon as it has been created», — promised Gennadiy Smirnov, Deputy Chairman of the organization.


Konstantin Pshenko, secretary of the Standing Commission on Culture of the Inter-parliamentary Assembly of the CIS Member Nations emphasized that nowadays there are certain problems: insufficient knowledge of culture in the Commonwealth states and lowering level of the Russian language proficiency. According to him, now the Inter-parliamentary Assembly is preparing a project of convention on preserving the cultural heritage of the CIS members.


Participants of the conference discussed the process of cooperation with other countries. For instance, Anton Prokhorov, the director of the Federal Center for support of tour activities, gave assurances that he supported Ukrainian, Kazakh, Georgian and Uzbek theatres, and Ministries of Culture of Latvia, Estonia and Russia signed agreements on cultural cooperation.


«Our Saint Petersburg Modern Arts International Festival «Bridge of Friendship» has found its place in cultural timetable of both city of Narva and whole Estonia, which is very important», — shared his feelings mayor of the city of Narva Tarmo Tammiste.