3D era: new ways to preserve cultural heritage

Participants of the “3D era. New cultural revolution” round table, which took place on December 2 in the General Staff building of the State Hermitage museum, discussed possible threats of the digital and 3D revolution, talked about what we will leave for the next generation and how to preserve the prestige of museums. The discussion was organized as part of the “Museums and exhibition projects” of the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.


“We reproduce works of art for the good of all museums of the world, because each country has objects, which should be copied, - said Bill Sherman, director of research and collections of the Victoria and Albert museum. – We think about the future: new threats to global heritage, tourist flow and ecology-related problems. That’s why we came up with a new convention, based on the original of 1867, the main idea of which is to provide open access to collections”.


“We can discuss the benefits of exchange and cooperation between world museums. Exchanging conformation on conservation we establish efficient communication and can develop new spheres”, - said William Owen, founder and director of “Made by many” company.


“The difference between the copy and the original is certainly existent – continued Adam Low, founder and director of “Factum Arte” company. – But visiting original monuments leads to their gradual decay. Mass tourism is the greatest threat to heritage. People should know how difficult it is to preserve artifacts. The whole world should unite in creating a new convention on documenting cultural heritage”.


The moderator of the section Polina Filippova, the executive director of the “Peri” Foundation Ziyavudina Magomedova reminded about the objective of the project – to inform the youth about the importance of cultural heritage and to involve young people in the process of its preservation. She emphasized that no personality can form without cultural identity.