Nikolai Kropachev: Society’s problem is lack of effective communication

At the “Using language as the official one: legal requirements and social reality” the head of the “Education” section of the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, rector of Saint Petersburg University Nikolai Kropachev said that it is necessary to adopt general requirements for the official state language in order to achieve effective communication.



“Mutual understanding is necessary everywhere. One of the most effective methods, which I don’t support, is forced submission – despite of how you understand it. Sometimes requirements are unclear and are met because of fear. This is the worst way of communicating”, - said the rector of Saint Petersburg State University.

Kropachev is certain that most of the problems, which exist in the society, result from lack of communication:


“Not all words provide efficient communication in the contemporary society. For example, the word “Interned” 15 years ago wasn’t very clear in the Russian Federation”.


According to the rector of Saint Petersburg University, for the communication to be effective we need people, who create laws, to know about the dictionaries of the Ministry of Education, which have are regulatory.


“We chose the dictionary of Sergey Kuznetsov for all documentation of the University until the Ministry of Education adopts another dictionary. We hope we made the right choice”, - said Kropachev.


The rector of Saint Petersburg Stat University compared language requirements with driving regulations. He believes that the Russian government should adopt specific requirements for the state language.


“Philologists know about the dictionaries of the Ministry of Education and Science, but they refuse to comply. They don’t perceive them as common for everyone. It is certainly convenient that lawyers or judges don’t have a common dictionary; they can choose whichever they like to interpret certain notions. As for the rules of the Russian language we should use – we should refer to the rules of 1956 or the regulations from the dictionaries of the Ministry of Education and Science – the situation is unclear. The Ministry of Education and Science states that we should refer to the rules of 1956, however they have already adopted some dictionaries, which are contradictory to these rules”, - said the head of the “Education” section.


It’s not surprising that the judicial system is in chaos, according to Nikolai Kropachev. Judges use more than 20 dictionaries, which interpret certain words differently.


“For some cases lawyers use the dictionary of Efremova and say that offense actually happened. After a comma they list the dictionary of Kuznetsov, which proves that there was no offense. I think that we won’t be able to establish efficient communication in the society until we bring the system of legal regulations in order”, - said the rector of Saint Petersburg State University.


In his speech he reminded what an official state language actually is. “The official state Russian language is the part of linguistic means of the Russian literary language, which are used for communication in the public space”, - Nikolai Kropachev quoted Ludmila Verbitskaya.