Leaders of ballet troupes of the CIS call for unification

On December 2 the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum gathered leading artistic director of ballet troupes from countries of the CIS at the round table. Boris Eifman, People’s Artist of Russia, artistic director of the Boris Eifman Ballet Theatre, participated as the moderator of the event.



The discussion was dedicated to the idea of developing a creative union between professionals of the art of dance on the post-Soviet space. Representatives of CIS-states told about the development of their national ballet schools after the collapse of the USSR.


“I’d like to say right away that this meeting is absolutely apolitical, this was my own initiative. Let’s treat it like a creative idea and a venue for communication between colleagues”, - said Boris Eifman. The People’s Artist of Russia said that the maid problem is the disrupted successiveness and loss of identity as a result of denying the Soviet experience.


“Russian classical school is rather strong in Kazakhstan, it’s rather difficult to create your own style, therefore we rely on the experience of our colleagues”, - said Tursynbek Nurkaliev, director of the “Astana Opera” ballet troupe. He pointed out that cooperation with partners from other countries is under way. For example, two plays of Boris Eifman have recently been presented in Alma-Ata.


“The whole dance-palette from classical ballet to modern dance is presented in Latvia this season. The main objective today is to educated young talents, who can bring a fresh approach into the art of dance”, -said Aivars Leimanis, head of the ballet troupe of the Latvian National Ballet.


Participants of the round table pointed out that the main objective of the meeting is to draw attention to the existing problem and to establish continuous communication. “The process of unification is already in effect. Today when I met Thomas, we asked each other, who would come with a tour next”, - said Vladimir Rylatko, deputy general director of the Bolshoi Theatre of Opera and Ballet of the Republic of Belarus about his meeting with Thomas Edur, the director of the ballet troupe of the “Estonia” National Opera.