Regional social and cultural project for 2017 are developed in Petersburg

A presentation of the Centre for Social and Cultural Planning, which is a subdivision of Saint Petersburg State institute of Culture, will take place at the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. The Centre was created in February 2016 for developing, organizing and exploring projects in the sphere of culture, leisure and tourism.




Thus, results of research in different areas of the city and Leningrad Oblast, conducted by the Centre for Social and Cultural Planning especially for the Cultural Forum, show the 63,64% level of satisfaction of respondents by their leisure activities. At the same time participants of the survey indicate the drawbacks of cultural and leisure activities (“There are not enough places and events for pastime in my area” – 51,52%). The statistic of Leningrad Oblast show that there are few cultural objects, which would be of interest for the youth. Most of the respondents (65%) often come to the centre of Saint Petersburg to spend their free time. “This makes it obvious that the supply in the sphere of leisure is insufficient. Unfortunately, the quantity of high-quality projects and initiatives in regions and often in big cities of Russia is insufficient. And even if they appear, they don’t have the necessary support, which makes it impossible for the authorities and businesses to bring them to life”, - said Irina Feliksovna Simonova, head of the Centre.


Based on the experience of Saint Petersburg State Institute of Culture the Centre has developed its own technology of designing and creating social and cultural centers, focused on the specific features of the geographical location, territory, distance from other cities and large cultural centers. Currently the number of projects in progress is about 20. Priority projects include the creation of the “Ladoga Tract” cultural and leisure facility in the Kirovsky region of Leningrad Oblast, which would include the “Surgical Field Portable Complex” museum and a memorial complex in the vicinity of the hospital’s gravesite. Both projects are in the final stage of development, and currently organizers are looking for investors and discuss the projects with the local and regional authorities. All projects of the Centre are united under a single brand – “Russia – House of Culture” and entail large-scale transformation of distant developing cultural centers and problem areas into the space of culture, creativity and development.


During a presentation at the Cultural Forum experts of the Centre will tell about their project and about their experience in using technologies of social and cultural design by federal and municipal cultural establishments. The activities of the Centre are focused on due diligence and certification of objects and projects in the sphere of tourism, culture, leisure and recreation as well as branding social and cultural projects, social and cultural establishments and administrative bodies. Representatives of municipal authorities of Leningrad Oblast (heads of administrations, head of departments of culture), directors of community centers, experts in the sphere of social and cultural planning will participate in the event.