Poetry for the new generation of viewers

A presentation of Anatoly Bely’s “Cinema poetry” project took place on December 2 at the Business venue of the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. Actors of the MDT – Theatre of Europe participated in the “Reflections” poetry evening. The project, dedicated to the Year of Cinema in Russia, explores the connection between cinema and poetry.


“When I see, how many people come to listen to poetry, my souls starts dancing. Thank you for that! I would like to organize this evening as a dialogue. Without the fourth wall. For me cinema poetry is a kind of spiritual therapy, this is a cure from all the negativity around us”, - said Anatoly Bely.


Works of Russian classics: Alexander Pushkin, Boris Pasternak, Anna Akhmatova, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Marina Tsvetayeva, Sergey Esenin, - were recited from the stage. Poems were recited by actors of the legendary MDT – Theatre of Europe under the direction of Lev Dodin: Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Artur Kozin, Lubov Konstantinova, Stanislav Nikolsky, Evgeny Sannikov, Elena Solomonova. Recitals were accompanied by short films based on famous literary pieces. Anatoly Bely’s “Cinema poetry” project is organized with support of Alisher Usmanov’s “Art, Science and Sports” Charitable Foundation and is designed to popularize poetry, reflect is depth and wisdom through understandable means, using easily comprehensible visual content.


Poetic film as a genre was presented to the public this year on June 6. It is very symbolic that the event coincided with the birthday of Alexander Pushkin. The project was created as an educational one. We are planning to organize a festival of cinema poetry and to introduce the new genre in the system of education: we would like the new generation, which doesn’t read a lot, to learn poetry through movies”, -said Anatoly Bely.