Copyright under state protection

On the third day the Business venue of the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum gathered experts in the sphere of protection of copyright and neighboring rights today. The director of the department of legal regulation of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Natalia Romashova moderated the event.



“Author’s rights for cultural products and works of art, which are considered public property and exceed the boundaries of copyright, are protected in Russia. We protect the rights of collectors and museums in relation to their collections. We would like to invite you to Rospatent to protect authors’ rights and support Rospatent in its activities”, - said the director of Rospatent Grigoriy Ivliev.


At the discussion at the Business venue experts discussed recognition criteria for copyright, the specific system of protecting rights for the name, pseudonym and historical treasures. Experts paid special attention to the practice of protecting intellectual property rights, collective management and neighboring rights’ protection and copyright in the Internet. Speakers pointed out that the development of the Internet provides users with an opportunity to take active part in scientific and research activities, which require appropriate protection.


Key problems of cooperation between authors and authorities of the Russian Authors’ Association were discussed at the Business venue. People’s artist of Russia, sax-player Igor Butman put forth the idea that governmental regulation bodies should organize a series of measures for modernizing the management system of national authors’ society in order to improve the position of Russian authors and reach the goals of the organization.


At the end of the round table experts stated that the low level of protection of interests and rights of creative people leads to the decline of the level of culture of the society. Speakers emphasized the necessity to change the system of legal regulation and the instruments of protecting copyright and neighboring rights in the dynamically changing environment.