Gabriel Prokofiev brought Cultural Forum to the city

On December 3 in the General Staff building of the Sate Hermitage museum participants of the “Music” section of the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum summarized their work. The main issues of this year’s Forum were music in cinema and the anniversary of Sergey Prokofiev.



The head of the section, people’s artist of Russia Sergey Stadler said a few words about the great composer, and gave the floor to his grandson, musician Gabriel Prokofiev.


“I am very glad to have come to Russia, which my grandfather loved so much, when it celebrates his anniversary”, - said Gabriel Prokofiev. He told about his own first steps as a pop-musician, but realized that he couldn’t hide from classical music, and now sees his task in attracting young people to classical music. Gabriel is certain that people can’t be blamed for their ignorance of great composers and their works: “In the past classical music was everywhere: in cinemas, bars, in the streets. In order to return music into people’s hearts, we need to return from concert halls to public spaces”.


The head of the “Prokofiev. 21st century” international symposium Mikhail Bryzgalov told about his project within the Forum, which consisted of two parts: Classic and Non-Classic. A series of events were organized from December 1 until December 3, which involved composers and performers of classical music, jazz, rock and electro into a discussion about the current state of music. “Yesterday the Non-Classic” night took place in the “Dance-floor” club, where Gabriel Prokofiev played a DJ-set with classical pieces. This event was rather unusual for the Forum, but necessary, because it make us feel the Forum in the city, outside of official venues”, - said Mikhail Bryzgalov.


Opening of a monument to Sergey Prokofiev was announced at the event. The monument will be officially opened on December 11 in Moscow. The discussion also involved the executive director of the Symphony Orchestra of Iceland Arna Christine Einarsdottir, general director of the Vienna Konzerthaus Matthias Naske, director of the “Helicon Opera” Dmitry Bertman and others.