Participants of the Forum saw the world of Russian nobility

The “World of Russian nobility. French art of XVIII-XIX centuries from the collection of duke Yusupov in the Hermitage. ” exhibition opened in the Yusupov palace as part of the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. The best part of the collection will be exhibited in the Nikolaevsky hall for the first time in a hundred years.



The director of the Yusupov palace Nina Kukuruzova emphasized the uniqueness of the exhibition.


“Artworks of the exquisite collection, gathered by four generations of the Yusupov family, are located in one of our halls, thought not for very long. For Duke Nikolai Borisovich Yusupov senior collecting was a passion. Sophisticated artistic taste and unlimited financial resources allowed Yusupov to compete with emperors, order paintings and sculptures for his own gallery from the most popular and outstanding artists. May researcher, for example, Alexander Benois, considered the Yusupov picture gallery to be one of the best private collections”, - said Nina Kukuruzova.


The collection includes artworks, which represent the main directions of development of the French art of XVIII-XIX centuries, including works of G. Robert, F. Boucher, P. Guerin and many others.


The exhibition also includes 8 sculptures, which are small copies of ancient monuments.


“The Yusupov collection is extremely important for the history of collecting in Russia, because it was started around the same time the Hermitage was created. Besides the emperor’s collection, noble families also started collecting works of art, trying to mimic the imperial family, and sometimes they even managed to overshadow the latter, because a lot depended on the taste of the collector”, - said the deputy director of the State Hermitage museum on science Georgy Vilinakhov.


You can visit the exhibition and experience the epoch of Russian nobility until March 31, 2017.