Exhibition "Artist and Regime. F. Chaliapin in the years of 1917 till 1922"

A grand opening of exhibition “Artist and Regime” is due to take place on June 9 at 5 p.m. in Chaliapin Memorial Apartment. The exhibition, devoted to the great Russian singer and actor F. Chaliapin, sheds light on the artist’s life at the epoch of Revolution and the early years of Soviet regime. Since 1917 Chaliapin had been combining his artistic career with the administrative work at Mariinsky Theatre, organization of charitable concerts, and helping his colleagues.

At first, Chaliapin was very enthusiastic about the Revolution and the changes it caused. After 1917, he entered the administration of Mariinsky Theatre and the Soviet Government gave him the title of The First People’s Artist of Soviet Republic. In 1918-1919 Chaliapin participated in more than 80 performances, he worked as a stage manager as well. Later on, he realized that one should be always on alert with the Soviet Regime, he saw a lot of his colleagues suffering from poverty and oppression. The singer tried to help many of them. In 1922 Chalipain gave his last performance in Boris Godunov in Petrograd and left Russia forever.

The exhibition features a vast collection of rare documents, playbills, photos, audio and video materials from the funds of St. Petersburg Museum of Theatre and Music, the Russian Museum and private collections. One can listen to unique recordings of Chaliapin’s singing made in 1917.

“Artist and Regime” runs through September 24, 2017

Open daily except Monday, Tuesday and last Friday of the month

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