St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum will bring the best practical cases of Russian cultural projects to Baikal

The first International Cultural Forum "Baikal-Totem" - the regional event and partner of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum will take place on 23-25 June 2017 in Irkutsk and Baykalsk. 


The PANEL SESSION "REGIONAL CULTURE - THE GROWTH POINTS" will take place on 23 June at 1 p.m. in Kirov Square, Pavilion 1 (Irkutsk). 

The organizers of the disccusion are: the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum and the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation. The discussion continues the series of exterior events within the annual business programme of the Forum. 

This programme is a platform for an exchange of the best practices in the area of Russian cultural projects: the regional ones which are already successful on a state level, and the federal ones which are expanding their activity in the regions. The first event of this type became the international conference "Cooperation Between Cultural Organizations And Society. Cooperation Between Russian And Foreign Cultural Organizations" which took place within the X Winter International Art Festival in Sochi, in February 2017. Among the participants of the conference were the heads of Russian and foreign cultural and educational institutions (philharmonics, festivals, symphonic and chamber orchestras, musical theatres etc.). 

Among the participants of the panel discussion within the International Cultural Forum "Baikal-Totem" are the heads of the leading Russian cultural institutions and the representatives of the Ministry of Culture. 

- Oleg Ivanov, the Head of the Project Office of the Ministry of Culture, will present the report "A New Model of National Cultural Policy: the Regional Level". 

- Elena Sabinina, the Communications Director of the Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre, will tell about the challenges and perspectives of the federal theatres in the Far Eastern Federal District. 

- Andrey Borisov, the chief executive of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre, will share the experience of creation and realization of the theatre develoment strategy by the example of a regional cultural project which is famous all over the world. 

- Olga Homova, the Director of the St. Petersburg Chapel, will tell about the development of a multicultural complex based on an academical cultural institution. 

- Denis Rubin, the programming director of the Museum of the modern art "Erarta" will explain how the global tendencies can be externalized in regional cultural processes and how modern art finds its way to the audience. 

- Maria Bukova, the Head of the Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre "The World Square" will present the report "The Museum of the Future: How, Why and For Whom" and bring up the topical issue - how to make a museum not only the storage of artifacts, but also the culture popularizer and centre of attraction for the citizens. 

Without a doubt, one of the most topical questions for the moment - how to engage the younger generation to the cultural context and how to transfer the intangible heritage to them. In this case the role of reading can`t be overvalued. Many educators ask themselves how to grow the interest in books among the children in the epoche of gadgets and easy-accessible Internet content which does not always correspond the criteria of quality. Rimma Rappoport, the co-author of the guidance "100 Projects in Support of Reading", will tell the audience about the best regional examples of dealing with challenges of childhood reading. 


About the Forum "Baikal-Totem": 

The I International Cultural Forum "Baikal-Totem" will take place on 23-25 June, 2017 in Irkutsk and Baykalsk. 

The main idea of the Forum is to present the new stage of development of Baikal territories and to announce the Baikal Lake the "Territory of Creativity". 

The general aim of the Forum is to build the comfortable environment for the development of creative initiatives, partner relations and joint art-projects. 

The project of the International Cultural Forum "Baikal-Totem: Dialogue Between East And West" was presented on 2 December, 2016 within the Business Venue of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. After the discussive part of the presentation the directors of the forums signed the Agreement about the cultural cooperation of Irkutsk Region and St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum was signed. 


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