Mayakovsky-fest - on 15 July

The tradition of celebration of Mayakovsky's birthday was established in 2013 in connection with the 120-year-anniversary of the writer. The V Festival of Vladimir Mayakovsky is an important cause to apply to poetry, to history of Russia, to the issue of personal choice of the poet. The organizers will try to give cause for reflections going out the stereotyped perception of Mayakovsky's art that people of different generations received after the school-timed literature tuition. 

The guests will be offered to hear a fragment of the perofrmance "Mayakovsky. To his Full Height" played by Sergey Safronov, the perfomance "Old Photo" by OddDance Theatre. The rhymes of the poet will be declaimed by the actors of the Petersburg theatres. The string band of the St. Petersburg Concert Chamber Orchestra of M. Estrin has prepared a programme "Musical World of Vladimir Mayakovsky" which includes the plays of Alexander Borodin, Modest Musorgsky, Franz Shubert, Alexander Skryabin, Sergey Prokofiev and Dmitry Shostakovich. 

The art workshops will offer the masterclasses of apprehending the techniques accordant to the image of Mayakovsky - the artist. 

The playground will held the quizes, a literature quest, literary and linguistic games from the Community of the devotees of Russian language (Herzen University) dedicated to the oeuvre of Vladimir Mayakovsky. Among them - the games in the formate of "Mind Game" (moderator - S. Lepichev). The Literature Court presided by the book critic Sergey Knyazev with the participance of the defencers, accusers and the jury will try a case - a rhyme "I am Happy". 

Everyone interested will be able to declaim his favourite rhymes of Mayakovsky with an open microphone. 

Besides, the fest will include the action "Let's extend the life of books" - all those who want to will get the books written off the inventory of the Library. 


Free entrance. 

Book Square on Fontanka (Fontanka emb., 46). 

Detailed information is available by the phone (449-52-42).