The Manege Central Exhibition Hall will host the exhibition "War and Piece of Vadim Sidur"

From 15 August to 3 September 2017 the Central Exhibition Hall “Manege” will host a grand retrospective project “War and Piece of Vadim Sidur”

Vadim Sidur left huge creative heritage which includes more than 500 sculptures, 2000 graphic works, a miscellany of poetry, a book of avant-garde prose and a movie. His monuments can be found in Germany, USA, Russia. His works chosen for the exhibition appeal to the eternal issues of all mankind that are understood to everyone no matter which nationality or age. In these works – atrocity of war and death by violence, imminent danger of global ecological catastrophe, searches of harmony in the crashing world, worship of constructive power of human genius and of greatness of human feelings. The works of Sidur make a person to look differently at the world around, they give a possibility to analyze more deeply the things that happen, to look into the future and maybe to change it for the best.

Taking into account all the independency and even insularity of creative endeavours of the artist, the name of Vadim Sidur is impossible to separate from his epoch which he called “the epoche of balance of terror”. The figure of the master stands alongside the geniuses of avant-garde such as Henry Moore, Alberto Giacometti, Konstantin Brancusi. At the end of his life, the artist said: “I feel myself one of the last dying classicists of the parting millennium”.

Among the works exhibited within the project “War and Piece of Vadim Sidur” there are going to be the examples of different periods, including sculptures, graphic and ceramic works, linoleum carving. Aside from the well-known sculptures as “The Wounded” (1963), “The Formula of Grief” (1972), “Prisoner” (1963), “Relations. Tenderness” (1963), the exhibition also includes the works less familiar to the general public.

The exhibition is designed as a mobile exposition that is able to be adapted to different museums and showrooms with the main modules. The exposition includes more than 100 works of Vadim Sidur from the funds of “Manege” and the works of private collections. The diversity of his creative work lets present more completely the main landmarks of life and work of Vadim Sidur in different periods.

In 2016-2017 the project was demonstrated in Moscow, Strasburg and Luxemburg.

The exhibition will be held under the auspices of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.