NIGHT OF LIGHTS in Gatchina will take place on 12 August

On 12 August the Museum-Preserve “Gatchina” will host the fourth “Night of Lights” that in 2017 has become a huge festival of light art. The theme of festival this year – “Park of Dreams”. Interactive performances, installations and author art objects will transform the Gatchina park into a fantastic world full of apparitions and reminiscences.

For the first time the Festival will present a big expositional programme that includes light art objects created by the Petersburg artists and the works of the finalists of the first international competition of light installations “Light Design” organized by the ITMO University.

Among the participants of the festival – the representatives of the most diverse creative professions. These are the theatre lightning designers, scene designers, directors, media artists, architects, designers, performers. Using light as their main tool, they will tell about their dreams.

The biggest art object of the Festival is going to become the Gatchina Palace. The interactive installation “Dream Generator” on the Iordansky front will unite all that is happening, generating, collecting and transmitting the “dreams” of the park and its visitors.

In general more than a hundred of original art objects will be accommodated on the whole park territory from the Dutch gardens to the Love Island. Every one of the objects is a dream, a memory or a phantasy: “Dreams about the Pioneer Childhood” on the Balcony – Terrace – about the childhood of those who was born in the USSR. “Wormhole” – about the space vortexes. “Island Eros” – about love; “FOBOS” in the Water maze – about the nightmares etc.

Among the numerous interactive stages and events of the festival it is worth to pick out two: on the meadow near the Kitchen square of the Gatchina Palace it will be possible to participate in the play “Dialogues with the Emperor”. In the Bottom Botanical Garden there is going to be the audio-laser choreographic show “Impulse” where every move of a dancer will be an impulse to light, sound and picture changes.

At midnight on the meadow near the Birch Gates the visitors will see a fire-pyrotechnical show “Equilibrium” – three levels of decorations, choreography, feats, special effects and the upscale masters of fire arts.

The culmination of the programme will become a multimedia light-pyrotechnical gala show “Sonata of Dreams” above the water area of the White Lake. The expressive video, light and sound interactions will transform the superfine moods and emotions of different sleep phases. The visitor will “fall asleep”, go through a couple of dreams and “wake up” with the whole park accompanied by the pyrotechnical show. Beginning at 1.30

Во время «Ночи света» будет проводиться фотоконкурс среди зрителей в сети Instagram. За лучшую фотографию, сделанную на фестивале, победитель получит ценный приз.

During the Night of Lights it will be possible to take part in the photo competition in Instagram. For the best photography made on the festival the winner will get a valuable prize.

To relax and to discuss the festival the visitors will be able in the café on the park territory.

Tickets are available in the Gatchina Palace and on the website of the Museum Preserve “Gatchina”, on websites and Price – 900 rub. 18+