Leningrad Zoo celebrates its 152-nd birthday: under the auspices of the Forum

On 13 August Leningrad Zoo turns 152. This day the Direction of the Zoo prepares a lot of surprises for its guests: the bright festive events, announcement of the results of the marmots' best names competition, and the ceremonial opening of the new pavilion "Otters".

From 12 to 17 o’clock there is going to be interactive programme “Miraculous Abilities of the Animal World” on several stages at once. It will initiate the visitors into the astonishing facts and enigmatic peculiarities of the animals. All comers will be able to touch nature, to visit the exhibition feedings and strolls and to meet the hand-feed nurslings of the zoo. The bright performances on the main stage of the zoo will create the festive atmosphere.

Besides, the guests will be able to visit excursions through the service rooms of the Exotarium and to visit the museum “Zoo in the time of the blockade”, the workshops and lections about the enrichment of the animal environment with giving the presents to the zoo nurslings, horse dressage with the elements of equestrian show, etc.

Results of the competition for the best names for marmots

At the end of July the Government of the Leningrad district represented by the governor Alexander Drozdenko has presented a gift to the St. Petersburg zoo – three prairie marmots (two females and one male). After that the competition for the best names has been announced. The participants have been writing their proposals in the comments in the official communities of the Zoo. Besides, it was possible to leave a note with a name proposal in a special box set near the marmot aviary.
At 12.00 on the stage near the Central entrance the results of the competition will be announced. This event is confined to the anniversary of the Leningrad zoo and to the anniversary of the Leningrad district (90 years).

Ceremonial opening of the pavilion “Otters”

At 13.00 the ceremonial opening of the pavilion “Otters” after the major repairs will take place. The river otters, members of the endangered-species list of Russia will get a new housing with cozy shelters and natural decorations including the plants of the European forest.

13 August, Sunday
12.00 – 17.00
Leningrad Zoo (Alexandrovsky Park, 1)
More information is available on the website www.spbzoo.ru