Park of Intellectual Amusements

On 2 September the Book Yard on Fontanka will accomodate the Park of intellectual amusements: educational and entertaining stage with lections, exhibitions, workshops and quests. 

As the new academic year starts, the Vladimir Mayakovsky State Library launches its new event season and invites everyone to get acquainted with the librarian projects for citizens and to see the advantages of the modern libraries for self-education and creative self-organization.

The first advantage is the acquaintance with literature. The participants will get to meet the writer Valery Popov who will present his new books “You`ve Forgotten Your Wing”, “Autumn Turns into Summer” and the Literary Guide “From Pushkin to Brodsky”.

The visitors will be able to visit the lecture of the famous historian and teacher Boris Kipnis from the circuit “Literary Local History” that will be dedicated to the writer, poet and playwright Alexey Tolstoy, whose 200th anniversary is celebrated this year. Besides, the new project – the Festival of Literary Critique – is going to be announced. It will start on 14 October and its broad programme will include lectures and discussions concerning the genres of literary critique.

Besides, so that the visitors could understand, if it is important to them to formulate their evaluative judgment about books, the library will organize the workshop “How to Write a Review” by the editor and journalist Sergey Knyazev. A bunch of interactive programmes is being organized, among them – “Literary Trial” where the participants will examine the lyrics of Bella Akhmadulina, and the intellectual game invented by the member of the connoisseur club Alexey Blinov “Mayakovsky. Legends and Facts”.

The second important issue will be the presentation of library advantages for unaided studying of foreign languages. The visitors will know how the conversational clubs of the library work, to find out about the new department – the Centre of Eastern Cultures, to play the board games in German language, to get acquainted with the didactic games that help to learn a foreign language and to learn about the project “Petersburg of Readers: Choosing the Best Foreign Author”.

The third significant topic of the year – ecology. The visitors will watch the documentaries about the specially protected territories of St. Petersburg, write an ecological dictation, take part in the workshop of watercolor painting while drawing birds. Besides, the artist Vera Ilyina will show the methods of experimental painting. The artist Marina Kharchenko will help to master the basics of Gothic calligraphy.  

On the Engineering Stage Marina Zubkova (educational project “Petersburg through the eyes of an engineer”) will deliver a lecture “About Importance of engineering focus while reading the city architecture”. Besides, a new librarian project “Engineer Seminar” will be presented.

On the Musical Stage there is going to be a performance of the ensemble of ancient music school and a workshop of baroque singing, and the stage performances and workshops of English folk dances (contredance, jig). The emcee is the singer Lubov Sharomova.  


Under the auspices of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. 

2 September, 14.00. Fontanka emb., 46 

Entrance is free