POSTERCON - the First Russian Festival of Movie Posters and Cinema Art

The event will take place from 26th August to 30th September on nine exhibition stages:

the Centre of Art and Music of the Mayakovsky Library, Library “Okhta-Lab”, Education-and-leisure centre “M-86”, Comics library of St. Petersburg, Museum of Russian Series, Book Shop “Fahrenheit 451” Anticafe “Clock is not Fast”, Grizzly Bar St. Petersburg, Gallery of alternative movie posters and art (AK Gallery).

The Festival is being organized by the first Russian gallery of movie posters and movie art “AK Gallery” whose representatives have been gathering, collecting, studying and creating unique movie arts and posters.

The opening of the Festival will take place on the main stage – in the Centre of Art and Music of the Mayakovsky Library on Nevsky, 20. Alongside with the classic opening and foreword there are going to be:

-      Lecture of Yaroslav Barichko “Brief History of Movie Poster”;

-      Lecture of Iliya Sergeyev “The Most Famous and Contradictory Movie Posters”;

-      Workshop of the artist Daniil Vyatkin “Creating an Illustration: from Chaos to Order and Back”;

-      Documentary movie “Drew: the Man Behind the Poster” about one of the most famous artists of movie posters (the film will be shown in English with Russian subtitles);

-      Meetings with artists and participants and quizzes on cinema and movie posters.


Within the festival it is possible to visit a bunch of exhibitions: David Lynch exhibition, alternative horror and fantastic horror movie posters, collection “Legendary and alternative ninja turtles”, renewed exposition of alternative art posters by AK Gallery, exhibition of the anti-utopia posters, cinema posters with superheroes and anime, movie art of the CIS artists etc.

Besides: the lectures “Per Aspera Ad Astra: Images of Soviet Fantastic Movies” (Irina Boitsova), “Minimalistic Art Posters for Those Who Knows” (Iliya Sergeyev), “The Top of Artists of Alternative Movie Posters” (Yaroslav Barichko and Iliya Sergeyev).

Besides: a documentary movie representation “24 to 36” in English with English subtitles.

On 27 August and 2 September from 14.00 to 19.00 in the Centre of Art and Music of Mayakovsky Library there will be a print market where everyone will be able to meet the artists and to draw out their master skills and also to purchase their unique works. 

Under the auspices of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.