The Bryantsev Youth Theatre Invites Everyone to the Premiere Performance "Face of the Earth"

The stage group of the performance “The Face of Earth” has united the leading specialists of the new wave of Russian theatre. The director of the performance Evgeniya Safonova is one of the best local directors of the generation of thirty-year-olds, the laureate of the St. Petersburg Theatre Award for Young Directors “Proryv”. The plays of the playwright Asya Voloshina have a run in more than ten Russian theatres, the scenery designer Anna Martynenko has cooperated with the Alexandrinsky Theatre and the Bolshoy Drama Theatre. Besides, the leading video artists and sound designers have been required to the creation of the performance.

The play is dedicated to comprehension of one of the most important problems that modern society faces: interaction between a human and environment. The performance is going to become the first serious effort in Russian theatre to speak about ecology, about the responsibility to nature and to the planet. Is the humanity on the right track, trying to preserve the great natural property of the Earth, and not to let her die under the industrial waste and gas emission? The authors of the performance long to create the multistreaming action using the means of modern theatre – it is going to be poetic, educational and spectacular narration at the same time.


The director Evgeniya Safonova about the performance: “Every day every one of us commits different actions that influence the destiny of our planet. Every our deed has its own price, and this price is huge, if not thinking within the frames of a human life, but thinking on scale of human’s presence in the world. We live, borrowing from our descendants – the more earth resources we will use today, the less our children will get. Should we bear responsibility for our presence on the Earth? It is extremely important to us to hold this conversation precisely with teenagers – the audience opened to dialogue and potentially capable to influence the positive changes in the future.

Starring: Mariya Sosnyakova, Anna Slynko, Alisa Zolotkova, Ivan Stryuk, Anna Migitsko, Andrey Slepuhin, Nikita Ostrikov, Iliya Bozhedomov, Alexandra Ladygina, Anastasiya Kazakova, Adelina Lyubskaya, Dmitry Tkachenko, Nikita Markovsky, Anastasiya Gribova.