Monument Preservation in Conflict Areas will be Discussed within the Forum

Russian and foreign experts will share practical experience of preserving the cultural monuments in zones of military conflicts. Oleg Ryzhkov, the head of the section “Cultural Heritage Preservation”, told about it in his interview with TASS.

“Within our programme we will discuss the topic of monument preservation in the areas of military conflicts”, - said Ryzhkov. He also noted that this year the sectional programme will be divided into several blocks, in particular, “equestrian heritage” – mutual project with the Ministry for Culture of France, and “underwater heritage” – a result of cooperation with the Institute of Material Culture History of Russian Academy of Sciences and with the Russian Geographic Society.

“In cooperation with the general director of the State Hermitage Museum Mikhail Piotrovsky we will touch on a topic of revolution, we will tell about how it can destroy heritage, or on the contrary, to add something new to it”.

One of the topics of the sectional programme will be dedicated to a problem of preserving the phenomenon of a Russian estate. Ryzhkov says, that the speakers will discuss the process of modern “de-urbanization”. “People should leave their cities and begin to live in the countryside so they could save it. This is why we think, that the process of “de-urbanization” – when a person goes back to the countryside – is a pledge of preserving and of resurgence of the concept of Russian estate. We invite the specialists in the area of agriculture, biological sociology and the researchers of the phenomenon of Russian dacha” – marked the interlocutor of TASS.