«Nashchyokin House: Tradition of Subjects Miniature Sets Creation» Research and Practice Conference

Professional event flow / Museums and Exhibition Projects

02.12.2016 10:30 - 15:00

The National Pushkin Museum, Conference Hall, Moyka River Emb., 12


The conference is part of the exhibition ‘A toy-like house’ dedicated to the 215th anniversary of Pavel Nashchyokin’s birth (1801–1854)

Topics for discussion:

  • Tradition as a mechanism for the preservation of cultural values
  • Miniature set creation stories
  • Miniature: a toy or a piece of art?
  • Miniature in fine and decorative arts
  • Miniature in other arts

The invitees to the conference and exhibition include museums of Moscow and St. Petersburg, and private collectors.


Galina Kostina, Alexey Ilyichev

Galina Kostina, Deputy Director for Holdings at the All-Russian Pushkin Museum; Alexey Ilyichev, Head of Research Organization Center at the All-Russian Pushkin Museum