«Education upon Graduation» scenic speech workshop. Professor Valery Galendeev

Public event flow / Theatre

03.12.2016 15:00 - 16:30

Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, Small stage, Mokhovaya St., 34



Valery Galendeev - Professor, head of the elocution department of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, laureate of the State Award of the Russian Federation, winner of the International Stanislavsky Award, Honored Art Worker. Author of the following books: «The teachings of Stanislavsky about elocution», «Methodology and the school of Lev Dodin», «Theory and practice of elocution», «Not just elocution», etc. The director and teacher of the «Theater of Europe» drama theater.

Almost always graduation marks the end of professional training. The only exceptions are a few theaters, but in general professional training in theaters doesn’t exist, it is a myth. In this case we are trying to sustain the standards proposed by Stanislavsky and continue to learn. The workshop involves young actors of the “Theater of Europe” drama theater, St. Petersburg State Theatre on Liteiniy, «Pushkin School» theater - graduates of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, class of 2016, Cherkassky’s workshop.