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Artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, National Artist of Russia


National Artist of Russia, winner of four State Prizes of Russia, Honored Art woker of Poland. Artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky Theatre since 2003. He has been the part of the Presidium of the Presidential Culture and Art since 2006. President of the Theatre and Cultural Center named Vs. Meyerhold - since 2011. Chairman of the Guild of Russian theater directors - since 2012.

Fokin headed the Moscow Theatre named after Yermolova M.N. in 1985. In 1975-1979 he taughts in GITIS, in 1993-1994 in high Krakow theater school (Poland) and Tokyo theater "Toen" (Japan). Conducted workshops on European director's courses in Spain, Sweden and Bulgaria.

In 1996, in Moscow and St. Petersburg were held festivals of Valery Fokin - "Valery Fokin. Three performances in the Arena" (Moscow, March 1996) and "Transformations of Valery Fokin" (St. Petersburg, Theatre on Liteiny, November-December 1996).

Since 1988, Valery Fokin is the chairman of the creative heritage of VS. Meyerhold Commission. In 2000 Valery Fokin was awarded the State Prize of Russia in the area of outreach - for the preservation, studying and development of the creative heritage of VS. Meyerhold and the creation of a cultural center named after VS. Meyerhold. The opening of the new building of the CIM was held on February 12th in 2001. Since the CIM was founded and until September 2011 Valery Fokin was the director and the artistic director of the CIM. In September 2011 he became the President of the CIM.

The festival "Ten performances of Valery Fokin" passed in February 2016 in St. Petersburg which showed the development of the creative method of the director and artistic experience, the scene he headed since 2002 – the time the first performance of Valery Fokin was created in Alexandrinsky Theatre.